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New European motor legislation 2019/1781/EC about minimum efficiency coming into effect starting 01/07/2021.

According a new EU regulation recently voted in the EU-parliament,some important changes about the minimum efficiency of electrical motors must be taken in consideration. The most important changes are:

  • All motors operated with a VFD must have the same efficiency as DOL (Direct OnLine) motors (= IE3)
  • All ATEX, 8-pole, single phase and smaller motors < 0.75kW will also be impacted by this new law.

Below you can find a table summarizing the most important changes for the different motor types.

As a consequence of the obsoleteness of the IE2 motors, all major motor manufacturers will be reducing (eliminating) their existing stocks of IE2 and will replace them by IE3 shortly. For some of the customers already using IE3 there will be no impact. However, those still using IE2 (with VFD) or buying 8-pole motors the effect will be far more important.

Our motor suppliers have now guaranteed us that IE2 motors will at least be available until the summer of 2020 (!) Later on, we will be informed about the stock on IE2 motors for the second half of 2020. So please note, if you or your customer are still using IE2 this will no longer be possible in the near future!

For any further questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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