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To stand still is to fall behind. That is why we have thoroughly examined our website and examined where improvements are possible.

In addition to a general refresh of the website, we are also rolling out new functionalities. These changes should make it easier to find the relevant pump and/or other desired information faster.

Below an overview of the biggest changes on our website, with a little explanation.



Many of the changes to the website are mainly aimed at increasing the usability of the website.

Our navigation menu is divided between a primary level (left next to the logo) and a secondary level (top left of the website). The primary level now also has a dropdown, with the underlying pages already being displayed. These things make it easier and faster to navigate through the website.

Assembly videos page with search functionality

From now on you can find the relevant assembly videos from different pump series in different ways.

First of all, if they are available, you can find the assembly videos at the bottom of the product pages.

In addition, there is now also a central page on which all (dis)assembly videos have been collected. Throughout this page all available videos are arranged per pump series and divided into tabs per different configuration.

At the top of the same page there is also a search functionality that makes it even easier to find the video you need by searching for the desired pump series and configuration. 

Download page

All downloads that you can find through the website are now also collected on 1 page.

The downloads page makes it easier to find a file faster if you already know what you are looking for. The different types of downloads are clearly sorted on the page.

Product pages

From now on more information can be found on the product pages. At the top of the page you will find the most important technical data, a short description and images of the pump series at a glance.

The page is further divided into 4 sections:

  1. Characteristics
    Here you will find a general explanation of the typical characteristics as well as a section of a render with the pump. The most important characteristics of the pump are indicated on this render.
  2. Applications
    In this section you will find a brief description of the application fields where the pump is often used.
  3. Technical information
    The technical data of the pump is given here in detail.
    The data is divided into 3 separate tabs (Performance - Technical specifications - Pump curves).
  4. Assembly videos
    If there are (dis)assembly videos of the pump, you can also find it here.

Pump searcher

Because we continue to focus on innovations in our pump range, it expands annually.

To ensure that you can still see the wood for the trees, we have introduced a pump finder.

With this pump finder you can now find a pump in 2 ways.
  1. On the name of the pump series. Some examples: FP60, MFF, NP, NP6, NP60, etc.
  2. Enter through features. You can choose what type of pump you are looking for and for which application you need it. The search can then be specified by adjusting the scales of the technical characteristics.

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