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Packo is originally researcher, designer and manufacturer of sustainable and innovative industrial pumps.

Our pumps rank among the best of the world when it comes to hygiene and cleanability.

Packo is part of the Verder Group, represented worldwide, with own sales and production facilities in more than 28 countries.

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In the spotlight: GFP series


The PACKO GFP challenges the laws of physics!

It is a well-known problem with centrifugal pumps: as soon as the pumped liquid contains more than about 8 % gas, a gas bubble builds up in the eye of the impeller and the pump loses its capacity.

Our new GFP pump outsmarts physics. By placing a liquid ring impeller behind the centrifugal impeller, any possible build-up of a gas bubble is nipped in the bud by simply sucking it away.

In this way, our GFP pump can easily pump liquids with up to 30 % gas content. Would you like to know more? Watch the video to see how it works and contact our technical support team to discuss your application.

 Max. flow  400 m³/h
 Max. head  30 m
Max. product viscosity  1000 cP
 Max. motor power 45 kW

Packo product portfolio expanded


After years of experience in pumping solutions VERDER, JEC and Packo have decided to re-design the structure of the hygienic brands.

Our manufacturing companies PACKO and JEC, both producing hygienic pump series have united forces and will move on under one name/brand: ‘PACKO’.
PACKO and JEC design and manufacture hygienic centrifugal pumps, rotary lobe pump and twin screw pumps.
The two programs match perfectly and together form a complete pump solution for the hygienic market segment. JEC pumps will be incorporated with PACKO giving you benefits in:

Knowledge: The combination of the knowledge centers will bring deeper understanding and even better response to all application needs.
Highest hygienic quality standards: The lobe and twin-screw pumps will be fully integrated in the high production standards used by PACKO.
Complete portfolio: A broader range of centrifugal, lobe and twin-screw pumps under the respected and known name of PACKO.

We will be implementing this change as of Oct 1st. From this date onwards you as Packo customer will also have access to the complete Packo branded hygienic pumps series including Rotary Lobe Pumps and Twin Screw Pumps.

In order to give you full information about our extended product range our Packo website and documentation are being adapted.

Should you have any further inquiry or question, feel free to contact us.

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